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Homemade Minestrone Soup

Every year around this time I find myself in the grocery store piling up all the things in my basket to make homemade minestrone soup. I can’t ever seem to make a small batch, I always end up with this huge pot of soup that I eat on for days and days.

If you like your veggies and enjoy some good soup during the winter months this is for you!

Here are all of the ingredients:

1 Box of pasta (I bought Brailla Cellentani, I find they hold up the best.)

4 Cans of kidney beans (dark red)

2 Box’s of vegetable broth

3 Cans of leaf spinach

5 Zucchini

3 Large Squash

3 Cans of Italian Hunts diced tomatoes

1 Can of tomato sauce

1/2 a large white onion

1 Large can of fresh-cut green beans

1 Large can of Italian green beans

1 Bag of baby carrots

Italian seasoning



A HUGE pot

Cooking Steps:

You start by pouring all of the broth into your pot, you then fill up the empty container 3 times with water and pour that in.

Take your cans of beans, open and drain them. Pour them in.

Open and drain both cans of green beans and add them.

Open the cans of spinach and pour them in. (Don’t try draining them, it’s impossible.) Lol.

Pour in all your cans of tomatoes. (Do not drain!)

Use 1/2 of your can of tomato sauce and pour it in.

Cut and dice up 1/2 of your large onion and add it.

Cut your zucchini and squash into cubes and add them.

Above are my cubed veggies!

I used a mandolin to slice up about 15 baby carrots.

You can now add your box of pasta.

Add in some sprinkles of any Italian seasonings and about 3 spoonfuls of salt!

Stir everything up, put it on medium heat and I usually let it sit for a good 4 hours or so. Until your veggies are tender and no longer hard.

This is everything added in.

Here is about an hour into cooking.

I hope you enjoy!!

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