Yes, I’ve been a little M.I.A. the last almost 2 weeks.

But, I’m BACK!

I didn’t get to finish Blogmas and I’m sorry to those that were following along.

We experienced a loss in our family mid December so blogging kind of took a back seat making me a little M.I.A. in the blogging world to be there more for my family. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Dylan of course tore through his presents like a mad man and was looking for more. Macee even though she is only 8 months was truly excited. Lots of squealing and smiles, it was adorable!

My husband surprised me and came home a few days before Christmas. I couldn’t have been more surprised, excited and happy. I cried when he showed up at home. It was the best Christmas present I could have asked for.

So, how was your holiday? Was it a snowy Christmas for you? (Jealous lol)

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