Pinterest Dinner Recipes Review

Okay so with my Hubby coming home about a week ago it sent me to the drawling board aka Pinterest for new dinner ideas besides our usual. READ: The Last Month or So…

We love making turkey nachos, chili, baked fish, spaghetti and Alfredo or pizza is always a good back up.

I pinned about 4-5 new ideas and so far I’ve made two.

Creamy Taco Alfredo

It was really good and creamy! I did decide to use the Rotel tomatoes like it had said but next time I’d use just regular diced tomatoes. The Rotel made it a little too zesty and in some bites I felt like that’s all you could taste.

But I’ll definitely be making it again! Thank you Pinterest!

Rotel Mexican Casserole

Okay so I’m realizing while I inserted this recipe that it looks like I’m obsessed with Rotel lol. I promise I’m not. My next recipe to try is an Italian Meatloaf. So, no Rotel included! Lol.

I would recommend if you make this one to add more cream of chicken because once it baked it became really dry. We ended up putting some sour cream and Pace Picante mix on top of ours.


Besides the Italian Meatloaf next on the list is chicken fried rice, a one skillet chicken that is marinated in lemon, I’m also dying for a pot roast!

Please share with me any of your recipes. I’d love any new ones to add to our mix.

I’m trying to keep it easy though, cooking with the little ones tends to be challenging. Although, I am proud of myself the number of things I have learned how to do one handed.

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