The Last Month or So..

I’ve missed blogging!

The Kiddos

…are doing well. I can’t seem but to keep thinking about how Dylan will be starting school this year and trying to figure out he grew up so fast! Macee is crawling and moving like lightening everywhere! Her main focus is making it to Coco’s water bowl to splash. Oh and did I mention I’m her personal jungle gym. She climbs, pulls up on and crawls all over me.

The Hubby

…is home from Pennsylvania and will be working at home for a little while. It was a surprise but I’m excited and looking forward to the kiddos getting some time with him.

Our Fur-baby

Coco is just as crazy as ever. We had some really cold weather about a week ago. Some parts of Texas that never see snow saw it for the third time this year. Even woke up the next day and it was still there.

Coco enjoyed it. It makes her all frisky!

Here you can kinda see the little flecks of snow on her coat.

I’m personally looking forward to February and hoping the rush of the new year settles down by then!

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