A “Yes” Day

As you know I have two kids, my son is 5 and my daughter is 9 months old. I’d say for the most part that neither of them really want for much of anything. Between myself, my husband, grandparents and great grandparents they are pretty well covered.

Of course if you were to ask Dylan I’m sure he could think of something that he is in need of.

Then again, what 5 year old couldn’t think of something if asked?

Which brings me to a “yes” day.

What is a “Yes” Day?

Funny you should ask. When Dylan mentioned it a few days ago I asked the same thing. He promptly informed, “Mommy it’s where the kid gets whatever they want!”

     I had to keep myself from giggling out loud. Seriously.

I said, “Oh yeah bud?!” “What would you want to do?”

     I thought I’d entertain him and allow him to tell me what he wants. His imagination and reasoning truly always makes me smile. I end up wondering too, how in the world did he become so smart?

“Well Mommy, I want to stay home and…” He didn’t get any further than that because he couldn’t decide on what exactly he wanted next. Too many choices.

My kids happiness is my biggest priority truly. (Within reason of course.)

Our “Yes” Day

Oh come on, you know I had to plan one.

Friday I’m going to keep my little man home. I have invited Nana and Pops along on our adventure to Chuck E Cheeses! It’s perfect because it’s a day full of entertainment. He loves racing cars, shooting dinosaurs in a Jurassic Park game they have and of course he loves racking up any tickets he can.

At the end he usually only buys two or three pieces of candy and saves the rest of his tickets.

I’m not so sure I was that modest with my tickets as a kid lol.


I think I need this “Yes” Day just as much as he does. Sometimes as a parent I find I get wrapped up in all the laundry, dishes, bills, cleaning and everyday adult life that I forget that sometimes my kids need a day that’s just about them.

I challenge you to a “yes” day! Both for you, and your kids!

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