National Spouse Day – 5 Easy Ways to Show Appreciation

It’s not about buying gifts, or trying to find extra time in your day because sometimes there just isn’t extra time. But, it’s about appreciation. Appreciating your spouse and telling them.

So, today tell/show your spouse how much you appreciate them and all they do for you, your kids and family.

5 Easy Ways to Show Appreciation:

  • Help Out – maybe do a load of laundry, or fold some, clean a dish or take out the trash.
  • Make a Note – write a sticky note and stick it to the mirror or send an email.
  • Show Love – crawl up in bed scratch your spouses back, or rub their arm.
  • Ask – how their day was or is. Yes, really ask. And then listen!
  • Food – they always say a way to mans heart is through his stomach. Women like food too! Bake their favorite sweet treat, or make their favorite meal. You gotta eat right?

Happy National Spouse Day!

Enjoy and remember to appreciate often.

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4 thoughts on “National Spouse Day – 5 Easy Ways to Show Appreciation

    1. Hahah I didn’t either until I went searching for a blog post idea and came across it.
      I’m guilty though of taking those like my husband or family for granted. I find reminders like these come at a perfect time.

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