January Recap

Happy February 1st!

Happy Friday Eve!

The first month of the year just flew by, just like last year did.

January brought my husband home.

It also brought car troubles. So, came a new car.

Meet the Mom Van

Macee and I have spending more time with the neighbors horses. Probably seems kinda weird but they don’t get much attention and I love horses! Macee just stares. She seems stunned by their size lol.

Horses šŸ“

Above: Left to Right: Dusty, Katara and Scarlet

Above: Scarlet

February Goal

I’m not one for New Years resolutions mainly because I know myself in that I would probably struggle through it. So today I decided to make a February goal. My goal, to drink more water. I am aiming for around 100 ounces a day. Today I drank right at 100 which of course sent me to the little girls room every ten minutes. But I am hoping my month end to have created a habit for myself. We shall see!

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