Where have I been?

Wow!! I realized today that it’s been nearly 2 months since my last post.


July, it was packed full of birthdays and our annual vacation to Florida. For a little beach action of course! It was beautiful and so much fun. Both of the kids loved getting into the water. We even rented a double decker pontoon boat with two slides! Dylan was in heaven!

I also decided to start selling Younique makeup. And I am LOVING it!

I’ve met some wonderful ladies and I am really enjoy adding some price friendly but quality makeup products to my everyday look!

Macee even enjoys looking through Mommy’s makeup bag.

Interested in looking to see what we have to offer?

Glitzy Glam Gals 👈🏻 Check it out!


In August Dylan started kindergarten!! At this point we have made it through our first week and a half.

He seems to be really enjoying it. He’s made 2 new friends!

Oh my I will say… I passed on the pre-done package of school supplies and went shopping myself. I won’t be doing that next year!

I took 3 different trips/places to get everything he needed. Crazy!

To bring you up to date: here’s a little something from this weekend!

I took the kiddos to the mall. We had ice cream and played in the little play area.


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