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Favorite Christmas Traditions

What is a tradition(s)? tra·di·tion trəˈdiSH(ə)n/ noun noun: tradition 1. the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way. “every shade of color is fixed by tradition and governed by religious laws” synonyms: historical convention, unwritten law, mores; oral history, lore, folklore “during a… Continue reading Favorite Christmas Traditions


A Spider-Man Party Fit for my Spider-Man King 🤴

What was I doing at 5:30 this morning? Wrestling toys out of their boxes so Dylan could start playing with them, of course!! Yesterday was a blur for mommy, from the moment we got up we were in full party swing. Getting ice, decorating, blowing up balloons, cutting fruit and veggies for snacks and running… Continue reading A Spider-Man Party Fit for my Spider-Man King 🤴